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Bask - Maine Coon personality

What's better than a big baby! This big kitten is full of love to give. She's holdable and huggable! (If she was real)
Sometimes you just need someone big. If that's the case for you, maybe you should take her home?

Mita - Tabby personality

Full of wit and grace, this cat is not. She's a huge goofball. She has no idea what is going on right now.
What she lacks in wisdom, she makes up for in charisma! A true bard of a cat! Maybe she's the one for you?

Beanie - Tabby personality

At her core is an infinite well of energy! Beanie is ready to go! She's ready to run! She's ready to tumble!!
She's energetic and sweet. Will the next place she runs be... Your Heart?????

Boke - Siamese personality

A big and puffy friend just for you! No amount of fur will get in the way of this girl being haughty!
She's dreamy! She's fluffy! What more could you want?

Graham Cracker - Tabby personality

A solid beauty! This handsome boy is ready to show his way into your heart, and lightly judge you!
He is a cheeky, beautiful and silly lovely boy. Who can resist this boy's good style?

Sloth - Tabby personality

With cute spots and pretty green eyes, you can't help but look at this pretty girl! But she's shy, don't stare please!
Her mood is a little all over the place, but who isn't in this day and age? You can bond with her over mutual anxieties!

My show prefix in Mercury's, but you can use CC's if you like shorter ones.
Feel free to brex however you please. Your kitty now!
MPA or return if no longer wanted, please!

Send a mail down to shslcat@gmail.com if you're aching for one of these cuties!
All I need is your name, which cat you want, and a little bit about why you want 'em!
(The reason isn't important, I'm just curious)

Expect more in this space soon enough!