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Deercat Coonies - Available - Taken: View
July 2017 hex, first one in many many years. It was a rehash of an older attempted hex.
I think they are cute! Fully customizable, as long as it's not taken.

Scrimble Meez - Retired - Taken: None
Another July 2017 rehash. Simple, but charming!
Unfortunately, since I never gave any out, I couldn't recover the file after my comp died. :(

Depressed Oshies - Limited - Taken: Pictured
Another July 2017 rehash. Sometimes catz are sad. That's just how it is!
Fully customizable! They're a little harder to customize, though.

Splitting B+Ws - Retired - Taken: None
All my hexies apparently came from July 2017. Fun times, I guess.
Another loss to my computer death. I rather liked them, so I'm sad! I can show em off here at least.

Passionflower Oshies - Available - Taken: View
July 2018 hex. July, huh! Just wanted to make something simple.
Fully customizable. They aren't thrilling, but they're still sweet.

Pleased Calis - Available - Taken: Pictured
August 2018 hex. I had the image in my head, so I made it!
They don't look like calis, but they have cali personalities. That's what happens when you hex off rejects!
Fully customizable for any 3 colors.

Sparkle Calis - Limited - Taken: Pictured
August 2018 hex. Remake of an old 2009 file, made into a cat.
Petz Workshop wasn't a huge fan of how many paintballs these guys have. They're cute, though!
Customizable gradient. I guess I could change the base color, but it might not look as good?

Sandpaper Persians - Available - Taken: Pictured
August 2018 hex. My web was out, and I was bored, so I made them.
I haven't customized any yet, so IDK how that'll go, but ask and we'll see?

If you're interested in any of these files, let me know on RKC or WW,
or send an email over to shslcat@gmail.com to try and work something out!
I'm always down for a fun trade or something-or-other.