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Welcome to Catnip Crewsite!!

Hello! I'm Mercury! This is my crew site!

I've been in the petz community since before I was 12.
If you remember me, it's probably from when I was 12 or 13 or so. I was very embarassing! Sorry!

I was a moderator and avid user of AAP petz forum (RIP), and poked my head into RKC and
PCG (as Kiwi-Strawberry) as well. Now I'm here!

I lost a lot to a computer crash recently so this is only a fraction of my full crew potential.
The rest are in email limbo for now (I'll certainly free them later), but until then, enjoy!

The catz in my header were bred/hexed by Ali @ Qwerty, Nawmi, Catherine and GK respectively!
Thanks for visiting!!!